X2.0 Program

Hey! We are on board!

We are happy to announce that we are impact builders on board with the X2.0 program! We will be helping deeptech startups ensure growth, scaling up their impact, and providing crossboarder services through a customized 5-months program. Our expertise lies in business development, commercial strategy, technical consultancy, internationalization, and communication.

About X2.0

X2.0 is a deeptech growth program that seeks to ensure the scaling up of EU deeptech startups by providing custom, industry-focused, growth program that will act as a catalyst in delivering market-ready applications and technology solutions in 5 key impact areas:

  • Manufacturing and Circular Economy

  • AgriTech

  • HealthTech and BioTech

  • Smart Cities and Sustainability

  • Data and A.I.

The project will distribute €1.5M in innovation and scaling-up services to 50 deeptech startups. From November 2022 till November 2024, the project will launch 5 open calls to help startups scale and boost impact.

Find out more: https://x2-0.eu