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We are multifaceted, which is why, in addition to the project manager, the entire accent team and a selected network of experts are always on hand to support the founders.

Accelerating Ideas

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Support in fields of business development

In addition to its competence and many years of experience, the accent team also brings a high degree of commitment and passion to supporting the founding team to becoming a business champion.

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developement of an individual IP strategy

Thanks to the close cooperation with the tecnet tt team, experienced experts are available to the founders for the development of an individual IP strategy.

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Funding and financing strategy

As the incubator of the state of Lower Austria, accent is also part of the AplusB program of the BMK. The accent is embedded in the federal funding landscape with the large funding companies AWS and FFG.

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Access to business angels and VCs

accent is a partner at i2b and the AAIA, the two large business angel networks in Austria. Thanks to the close cooperation with tecnet, accent startups have access to equity, know-how and venture capital.

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Expert input through impulse sessions

Selected experts provide input on various topics relevant to startups, such as marketing and sales, company law, financial planning, storytelling, commercial law and the company register or how to deal with financial investors.

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International Hackatons and Boot Camps

Annual highlights are the Climathon or the accent boot camp with Gigi Wang (University of Berkeley), during which a week is spent working on your own business model, strategy, storytelling and presentation.

Accelerating Business

Accelerating ideas

accent's support is profound and creative, focused and passionate, locally networked, internationally oriented and always focused on the specific needs of our founders.

Michael Moll


phone: +43 676 88 326 1310

Maria Carpazio-Teizer

Executive Assistant

phone: +43 676 88 326 13 27

Carlos Fernández de Retana

Head of ESA Phi-Lab Austria

phone: +43 676 88 326 13 24

profilbild Julia Uhlik
Julia Uhlik

Head of Makerspace and International Cooperation

phone: +43 676 88 326 1313

Ursula Steiner

Head of Creative Pre-Incubator

phone: +43 676 88 326 1319

profilbild Doris Steinacher
Doris Steinacher

Project Manager

phone: +43 676 88 326 1317

Sandra Heissenberger

Project manager

phone: +43 676 88326 13 15

profilbild Florian Schirg
Florian Schirg

Project Manager

phone: +43 676 88 326 1312

Nicole Neumayr

Project manager
Makerspace & International Cooperations

phone: +43 676 88 326 1322

Christopher Opancar

Project Manager
Makerspace & International Cooperations

phone: +43 676 88 326 1323

profilbild Victoria Ullrich
Victoria Ullrich

Projekt Manager Creative Pre-Incubator

phone: +43 676 88 326 1316

Carmen Reithmayr

Projekt Manager Creative Pre-Incubator

phone: +43 676 88 326 13 18

Susanne Stangl

Marketing ESA Phi-Lab Austria

phone: +43 676 88 326 1311

Margaretha Bewersdorff

freelancer Creative Pre-Incubator

phone: +43 660 155 51 63

profilbild Manuela Slanovc
Manuela Slanovc

Head of Controlling

pone: +43 676 88 326 1314

profilbild Elke Hittinger
Elke Hittinger

Projekt Assistant

phone: +43 676 88 326 1320

profilbild Beatrice Weisgram
Beatrice Weisgram

Public Relations

Mobil: +43 676 83 086 310