accent Makerspace

Prototype construction and first small series development often present our founders with the challenge of finding a suitable and freely accessible infrastructure, expertise and supportive community. With the wide range of services offered by the accent makerspace, we have developed a tailored answer to these needs of our founders.

The accent Makerspace is located in a former, revitalized agricultural college and can be used by accent start-ups and those interested in founding a company for research and development of innovative products. In addition to co-working and meeting rooms, workshops, laboratories and outdoor areas (meadows, fields) are available in the accent Makerspace. This makes it ideal for start-ups that are experimentally working on their technology and need a suitable location, tools, equipment or cultivation space.

The equipment of the workshops and laboratories in the makerspace includes workbenches, lathes, extruders, photovoltaic panels, heat exchangers, welding machines, floor drills, stills, table saws, arable land and meadows for AgriFood experiments, 2 greenhouses, warehouses and beehives.In addition to the technical equipment, a community is anchored in the accent Makerspace, which supports each other with its expertise and can access the infrastructure free of charge during the incubation.

The accent team on site is happy to give an introduction to the services on site.