Inno Mob

Innovations are an important driver for achieving the climate targets in the mobility sector. SMEs play an essential role in this process as pioneers and driving forces. In order to exploit the existing innovation potential, suitable innovation services tailored to SMEs are needed. Since February 2023 accent Inkubator GmbH is implement the "InnoMob” project (Horizon Europe) in partnership with 6 European incubators and research institutions. The aim of the project is to expand the range of innovation services in the mobility sector, to improve these services and to make them more effective.

The transportation sector is one of the main causes of environmental problems and the climate crisis worldwide and especially in Austria. With 28% of all greenhouse gas emissions, it continues to be the main source of climate-relevant emissions in Austria. By far the highest share of CO2 emissions in the transport sector can be attributed to road traffic and in particular to passenger car traffic (about 90%). Since 1990, the transport sector in Austria has seen an increase in greenhouse gas emissions of around 74%, and since 2015 (the year in which the Paris Climate Agreement was concluded), an average of 1.5% per year.

A change in the way we move is urgently needed if we want to achieve the Paris climate goals. The basic idea of the necessary transport transition is the triad of avoiding, shifting and improving. Both passenger and freight traffic should be avoided as far as possible, unavoidable traffic should be shifted to more environmentally friendly means of transport, and finally improved through better organization and new technologies.

This requires changes in policy and framework conditions, the commitment of each individual when it comes to questioning his or her own mobility behavior, and innovations that help to further develop our mobility system. The use of new and innovative concepts, processes, technologies, and products is crucial for the transformation of transportation. Innovations are an important driver for achieving the agreed committed climate targets.

To stimulate innovation in the mobility sector as well as to improve access to innovation services, especially for SMEs, accent Inkubator GmbH is implementing the "InnoMob Project" in partnership with 6 other European incubators and research institutions since February 2023. The aim of this 2-year project, funded by the EU under the Horizon Europe program, is to improve the service offering and supply of innovation service in the mobility sector. Representative for the whole sector, the following project activities are implemented and tested on the automotive supply chain. Activities will

-                  research the needs of SMEs in terms of innovation services,

-                  develop new products and services and initiate new programs and collaborations, and

-                  share, disseminate and anchor the new knowledge and experience, through awareness and PR activities as well as inputs for policy making.

By early 2025, this will give new impetus to actors in the innovation system, create a digital portal for knowledge transfer, and develop policy recommendations.

With the focus on SMEs, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular will benefit from an improved and more effective service offering in the future.

In the medium term, it is expected that through InnoMob the innovation potential existing in companies, and especially in SMEs, can be better leveraged and made available to the supply chain through product developments and innovative services. The cooperation of the 7 project partners will also promote knowledge transfer within Europe and reduce the innovation gap between strong and moderate innovators in the European market.